Isolating Ethernet Surge Protector



Developed in the harsh lightning prone region of SW Florida, the Magic-Bullet™ protects against lightning enduced EMP and ESD. It does this by employing a new Patent Pending technology, isolation.

Conventional Ethernet surge protectors attempt to ground damaging surges. Unfortunately, these surges can damage the protector, causing it to short and breaking communications with the device or open, exposing the device to future surge damage. The Magic-Bullet™ prevents this by blocking a majority of the damaging voltage (common mode) instead of attempting to ground it. The much smaller deferential component of the surge is shunted by the TVS diod array chip. Because of its unique design, the Magic-Bullet can survive many more surge events than conventional protectors.

Installation is a snap. Just plug your CAT5 cable into the Magic-Bullet™ and the Magic-Bullet™ into the radio or other device, a couple of zip ties and you're done. No holes to drill. No screws. No U-bolts.

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